Remote It Support

Remote It Support

No matter where you are in the world, we can remotely access your computer from our office and provide immediate support.

Mister IT harnesses the latest IT Support software, which enables our technicians to access your computer and systems remotely, saving you time and money. Remote access is an efficient and cost effective way for us to diagnose and solve a wide range of issues with minimal downtime, including:

• Troubleshooting errors
• Operating system support
• Software support
• Upgrades or patch support
• Installation or other application support
• Antivirus support or installation
• Hardware issues
• Website issues

Setting up Remote IT Support is a simple process, which we can easily walk you through.

We effectively ‘take over’ your computer remotely so we can see what the issues are and perform the diagnosis. Although you can’t work on your computer when we are providing Remote IT Support, you can see everything we are doing on your screen.